Dalat Canyoning tour


At Datanla Waterfall

One of the best way to explore Dalat’s beauty is taking a canyoning tour which combines sightseeing and outdoor activities. The tour will give you a chance to discover the charming scenery of Datanla waterfalls, hills, pine forests, and other attractions. You will be fully equipped with the best quality tools to overcome all the challenges. After all, you will feel the sense of accomplishment, excitement, courage, and strength.

Departure at around 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.  Pickup at your hotel and drop-off at the base camp. From here, you will be equipped with specialized equipment such as harnesses, life jackets, helmets, and ropes…

Over 8 km to conquer the risky activities hidden deep in the jungle from one challenge to the next. Before joining the program, you will be well-trained by experienced guides to achieve proficiency in basic techniques and the handling of hypothetical situations to ensure you are ready for the upcoming arduous journey.


This is the first activity after we have practiced abseiling and controlling the speed of going down from the vertical cliff. Feeling scared? Don't worry! You will be very excited when you throw yourself into the air and land down safely.

Then, we head further down to the bottom of the amazing waterfall for a couple of goes before continuing downriver.


Next, we head further down the canyon to a spectacular Tyrolean Traverse. From here, you will be given instruction to travel down to the river with a zipline.


Over time, the rocks here were eroded by the water, making it the ideal spot for us to do water sliding. When you gently lay down with two arms embracing the shoulders while holding your breath, it is time that the water pulls you down the river, here you will plunge to the bottom of the water and emerge to the surface with a feeling of excitement.


This station is a very difficult challenge to overcome. It seems to be impossible. The waterfall is 25m high and 20m wide, and the water pours down massively.

All your thoughts are against you. What you need is a strong heart and a cool head to overcome and conquer it.


This station is a 7m high jump wall, you don't have to hesitate so much before jumping into the air and diving into the green pool. Show off your techniques as you take the leap


Without stopping, you are going to the next part. It is the hardest obstacle in your quest to succeed, you can either soldier on to the finish line, or give up in fear and regret.

The waterfall will spin you around, clean your body, and push you away from the cliff. Finally, you will be hiking up to meet our vehicle for transport back to town.



Max of group size: 10 people / group

The promotion price: $78/ Pax  + A meal Voucher at our Restaurant / pax


  • - Promotion time :1st Octocber - 30th  November 
  • - Book on this site or our whasapp 
  • - not accept credit card

  • Depart From:38 Tăng Bạt Hổ street or at your hotel
  • Duration:Around 6 - 7 hours
  • Departure Date: Daily
  • Activities:Hiking, swimming, rappelling, free jumping from high cliffs, water sliding...
  • Grade: Trekking 5 Moderate, canyoning 5 - 7 Moderat
  • Transportation: Car or minivan, depending on the group's size
  • What should bring:Sunscreen, waterproof camera, shoes/ sandals, socks, towels, undergarments, and one more dry clothes for changing after the tour.
  • What's included: Professionally trained guides, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, fruit snacks, purified drinking water, transport, the best canyoning equipment, photos.


Practicing at campsite 

Water sliding 

Abseiling down ad 25m falls

Abseiling down ad 25m falls

Cheering after conquering the biggest waterfall

one of the waterfalls on the way

The last station: Washing Machine

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