Dalat Canyoning tour

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Dalat by embarking on a canyoning tour at Datanla Waterfall. This adventure combines sightseeing with thrilling outdoor activities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charming scenery of hills, pine forests, and other attractions. Equipped with top-quality gear, including harnesses, life jackets, helmets, and ropes, you'll conquer over 8 km of challenging activities hidden deep in the jungle.


The itinerary begins with a hotel pickup between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m., followed by transportation to the base camp. Here, experienced guides will provide comprehensive training in basic techniques and hypothetical situations to ensure your readiness for the upcoming journey.

Activity 1: Dry Cliff 18m - After practicing abseiling and mastering the art of controlling your descent, you'll experience the thrill of throwing yourself into the air and safely landing down from a vertical cliff.

Activity 2: Zipline - Continuing further down the canyon, you'll encounter a thrilling Tyrolean Traverse, where you'll travel down to the river using a zipline under expert guidance.

Activity 3: Water Sliding - Enjoy the natural water slides formed by the eroded rocks. Embrace the exhilaration as you lay down, arms embracing your shoulders, and let the water carry you downstream, plunging into the water and resurfacing with excitement.

Activity 4: Waterfall Conquering (25m) - Face the challenge of overcoming a massive 25-meter high and 20-meter wide waterfall. With a strong heart and a cool head, you'll conquer this seemingly impossible obstacle.

Activity 5: Washing Machine Waterfall - In this final and most challenging obstacle, the waterfall will spin you around, cleanse your body, and propel you away from the cliff. Afterward, a hike will lead you to the meeting point with our transport vehicle for the journey back to town.

Embark on this canyoning adventure and relish the sense of accomplishment, excitement, courage, and strength that await you at Datanla Waterfall in Dalat.


  • Price/ pax: ............
  • Please contact to get group price
  • You can also combine the canyoning tour with other activities such as a 1,500m zipline and an alpine coaster.


  • Depart From:Your hotel 
  • Duration:Around 6 - 7 hours
  • Departure Date:Daily
  • Activities:Hiking, swimming, rappelling, free jumping from high cliffs, water sliding... 
  • What should bring:Sunscreen, waterproof camera, shoes/ sandals, socks, towels, undergarments, and one more dry clothes for changing after the tour.
  • Meals: Fruit snacks, purified drinking water. Please note in advance if you have special dietary requirements. Menu: Breads, pock, cheese, vegetables, hot chocolate, mango, watermelon, banana......

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