Cloud Hunting In Dalat

Surely, the phrase "cloud hunting" has become familiar to travelers when visiting this dreamy, foggy city. especially for those who are "addicted" to Dalat. This must be an indispensable activity on each of their Dalat trips. However, people can't plan a perfect "cloud hunting" trip. So, why not try to experience "cloud hunting" with the Viet Challenge Tour? We will take you to a place of miracles that nature bestows on the misty land.

Price: 450,000 VND/PAX
Pick-up time: 4 a.m.
Finish: 11 a.m.




1. Catch the sunrise and enjoy a magnificent blanket of clouds glimmering in the morning sun. 
2. Visit Cau Dat Green Tea Hill and the wind turbines on the hill. 
3. A high-tech strawberry farm 
4. Persimmon hanging according to technology from Japan 
5. Chika Farm: Check in at a European farm in Da Lat (dolly sheep, cashmere goats, alpacas, etc.).




  • Entrance tickets for all tourist attractions.
  • Professional tour guide.
  • Drinking water (500ml)/day/pax.
  • Travel insurance.


  • VAT
  • Tip
  • Meals
  • Private costs.
  • Jeep car tickets, train tickets, cable car tickets, toboggan ride tickets, and all of the services inside the tourist area.

The fares for children:

  • Height of children under 90 centimeters (2 adults and 1 child): Free.
  • Height of children from 90 centimeters to 1.1 meters: 50% adult ticket.
  • Height of children over 1.1 meters: adult ticket.

Cloud hunting tour program includes:

4:00 a.m:  Shuttle bus at your hotel

1. Catch the sunrise and enjoy a magnificent blanket of clouds glimmering in the morning sun: 

This is an extremely ideal and famous cloud-hunting place in Dalat. It is located in Cau Dat tea hill  (Truong Tho village, Tram Hanh commune), about 25 kilometers from the center of the city. When the clouds and the dawn start to embrace each other, it will create an extremely expensive moment. In particular, you will be moved by "jeep".

2. Visit Cau Dat Green Tea Hill and The Wind electricity turbines on the hill: 

Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat is a tourist destination for young people who love to explore. It is a paradise to check in and take some photos. What is more wonderful than coming to Cau Dat tea hill in the early morning and immersing in the floating clouds? Enjoy the fresh air and see the tea buds nestle in the mist.

3. High-tech strawberry garden: 

In Dalat ( Lam Dong), agricultural activities reached the peak of applying science and technology, especially growing strawberries in a greenhouse using the hydroponic method. The lovely hanging gardens growing strawberries in Dalat are becoming attractive sights. Many visitors come to strawberry gardens to choose the most beautiful and delicious one themselves. Although, the price is not less than 200,000vnd/kg, 4-5 times higher than that of strawberries grown in the old way.

4. Persimmon hanging according to technology from Japan: 

Hanging the persimmons in Dalat is likened to the crystallization of the essence of heaven and earth and human effort. Hanging the persimmons has long been a popular but delicious gift. Visiting the persimmon gardens, not only have the opportunity to buy delicious and nutritious persimmons, but you can also have sparkling check-in pictures, and learn how to make hanging the persimmons here.

5. Chika Farm – Check in European farm in Da Lat (Dolly sheep, Cashmere goat, Alpaca....): 

Chika Farm Located in Da Quy village, Xuan Tho commune, Chika Farm is a new sheep farm that just opened to customers a few days ago. Coming to Chika Farm, you will be delighted to have fun with super cute sheep and Alpaca camels. In addition, at Chika Farm, there is a nice little cafe, below is a view of the valley with a green lawn, and mountains in the distance - a very fresh and peaceful scene.


san may Wood carpet 

Cau Dat Green Tea Hill and The Wind electricity turbines on the hill

High-tech strawberry farm

Persimmon hanging according to technology from Japan

Chika Farm – Check in European farm in Da Lat 


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